Visions of Destin

This luxurious home is just one block from the sugar white sands of Crystal Beach. The clear waters of the Emerald Coast will leave you awe struck.  During the season the water is warm and Crystal Beach is shallow enough to walk out for quite a way.  You will be amazed when you look down through the clear waters to see you feet at the bottom with fish swimming around your ankles. The white sands of the shore are so pristine you will enjoy walking in it. Sea creatures are all around for the observant eye to muse at. Of course the main part of the day is why most people come, to enjoy the warmth beneath their toes, and feel the sun on your skin.  However, if your staying right by the beach, one must take in a walk with friends and loved ones during sunrise.  The tranquility is just what the Doctor Ordered! Since you’re in no hurry to get back, be sure to stay through dusk. Just when you thought the sights of the day were better than you’ve seen in years, look up and enjoy the sunset on Crystal Beach with nothing to obscure your view for miles.


The best experience ever. Would recommended it to everyone. We got married in Santorini, and stayed at Santorini Resort, and it was a dream come true.


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